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There are many people living in the town of Arthurton that might hold a valuable clue for a case. As you go along investigating the town locations, ensure that you interact with the citizens.

File 1c2b43603c4212ddcc791a18c1289fc0.jpg
Jenny Leclue

File dcd88847322786bde74d6efd3980a09e.jpg
Arthur K Finkelstein

File 586c338821b31f29d1edcb51363bb5ee.jpg
Julie Leclue

File b75d1b03f7aea86822257e11f18fc4cc.jpg
Henry Leclue

File 609314f815bc6eee3b312b5cfc8cb470.jpg
Dean Strausberry

File b6385e5de385ae4255900cd0f71ee009.jpg
Sheriff Leclue

File ff5b76e3817e2e0adf112be79989bc21.jpg
Cool Keith

File e3eb6bcce352dcc4e7fbd12ed9c64501.jpg
Suzie Glatz

File ec1c0e6b3ad889ffd21016f5b6f7c948.jpg
Mr Glatz

File 9501e68d22825844282e18abcfd0bde2.jpg

File 501d4442d082a7ce05f0a59deb30faf6.jpg

File 29205da56788250bba542f8c6efb1cea.jpg

File fe6d8c69e0c9b2fc43daa290761e0210.jpg

File 90f535d61cea350b83cb0f25d20ffe82.jpg

File e4c983977aa6b9a114e764818d37d2ee.jpg

File 762bbc5d68815a8538ef938d9fc18679.jpg

File 950da792f55e1f804ed41f3acda0e9f9.jpg

File a29a5029af5ec30428b4e83b0711f67e.jpg

File 34a278e92a1fa45eaa4392f3d6a0df57.jpg

File 523286eeb3c712b88507af2a2e5fbd2e.jpg

File 3cac2688452e5c810d2c72172a23e775.jpg

File b020ef52bde46637fed75d48ad21b7f7.jpg


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