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Gather clues and put the pieces together to unravel the mysteries of a deceptively dark town in this adventurous game!

Jenny Leclue wiki is the most thorough wiki. Need help to crack a mysterious case? No problem. This Wiki guide has everything you need from the clues to the culprits.

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The Town of

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Jenny LeClue

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Video Game

Caption A Handmade Adventure Game
Developer Mografi
Release TBA
Platforms PC / Mac / Linux
Genre Adventure

Arthurton, a peaceful college town, is the home of a young detective named Jenny Leclue. Jenny is always looking for adventure, just a case to solve to satisfy her desire for unravelling mysteries. More and more things get less exciting in Arthurton and Jenny grows bored of the simple petty cases she usually solves, but little did she know that the case of her life was about to be brought to her table.

It all becomes ugly when the Dean of Gumboldt University is found dead, and Jenny's mother is being accused of his murder as all evidence point to her. It is up to Jenny to clear her family's name using all her skills of reasoning and deduction that she has been developing from ever since she fell in love with solving mysteries to uncover the truth.

As she goes about cracking the case, she discovers the dark secrets of Arthurton and the people who do anything to prevent her from finding out the truth. Jenny has a difficult task before as the town's Sheriff is ever watchful and the more she discover, the less people she has to trust.


Jenny Leclue brings fun and mystery to game players with single-player game-play.

Game Trailer

About Mografi

Mografi is an indie company lead by Joe Russ, a motion designer, director and developer.


The project was funded 162% by 3,969 backers, raising a sum of $105,797 on August 21, 2014.


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*sniff* I miss Gameiki! Lol, I can't wait for this game to be released though! \:D/